Volume 1, Issue IV Summer 2012

Canadian & International Mail Postal Optimization:
We Send, You Save.

Here at ODMS, we have the skills and resources to generate postal savings and improve transit time on your Canadian and International mailings. We offer a variety of services in the Canadian and International sectors to customize solutions for your postal needs from beginning to end.

Our Front-End Data Processing Services ensure that your mail is best suited for delivery. We can consult with you to ensure that your mail piece design meets International postal standards, validate address accuracy through our Canadian Address Correction system, and maximize your postal discounts through presorting. Additionally, customers may choose to use their own indicia, or take advantage of ODMS’s indicia.

In addition to our Front-End Data Processing, we offer numerous classes of Mail Processing. In the Canadian sector we process Lettermail (U.S. equivalent of First Class Mail), Addressed Admail (promotional based advertising mail), Standard and Oversized Letters, as well as Parcels and Publications. If you currently use USPS, FedEx, DHL, or UPS for your shipping needs, our prices will be a fraction of the cost because we handle duty and taxes up front and pre-clear our mail at customs.

For International Mail we also offer Priority, Standard, Parcel, and Publication mailing services. With access to a variety of mail routings into Canada and 40 other industrialized nations along with negotiated rates with many overseas mail delivery entities, ODMS can optimize your International postage.

No need to worry about navigating border crossing, figuring out exchange rates, or fixing distressed mailings. We’ve got you covered. To learn how ODMS help you, visit the Canadian & International Mail tab on our homepage, call Pete Jackson at (888) 954-6245 or email him directly at petejackson@odmailservices.com

Like Us! Follow Us! ODMS Ventures into Social Media

Here at On-Demand Mail services, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to better service our customers. We’re proud to announce the launch of our new presence on social networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We believe that these are viable platforms that allow us to better serve you! We hope to use social media to better communicate with current and potential customers, as well as network outside of traditional marketing.  Engaging with us on these platforms will provide you with regular updates on relevant postal information, a thorough understanding of the benefits provided by the services we offer, the latest industry news, and a taste of the ODMS culture.  Be one of the first to Like and Follow us, and tell your friends and colleagues!

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USPS Network Consolidation Update

In mid-May, the USPS announced the implementation of a consolidation plan to reduce its mail processing facilities from 461 to 232, by the year 2015. In order to accommodate increased volume predicted to occur during the upcoming election and holiday season, as well as allow ample time for customer and employee transition, the plan is divided into two phases, over 18 months.

While the first phase will begin this summer, there will be no consolidation between September and December 2012. Only 48 location consolidations will occur in July and August 2012. As many as 140 consolidations are scheduled to occur through February 2013, generating 1.2 billion in annual savings. The second phase is planned to commence in February of 2014, and consist of 89 consolidations with 2.1 billion dollars in annual savings. The concept of consolidation is not new the USPS, as they have reduced over 200 processing locations since 2006.

In addition to facility reduction, service standards will also be adjusted. During the first phase, overnight delivery will remain. Phase two will bring reductions in the distance that overnight standards will cover. However, according to Megan Brennan, Chief Operating Officer of the Postal Service, roughly 80 percent of First-Class Mail will still be delivered overnight. Another long-term service standard alteration includes the adjustment of mail-entry times for customers.

What do these consolidations mean for you and ODMS? The consolidation actually does not negatively affect us. The reduction of processing facilities ensures more mail saturation to fewer locations, which allows ODMS to drop ship mail more efficiently, saving you even more time and money. In fact, our locations in Auburn Hills, Michigan and Indianapolis, Indiana, are located very close to the Michigan Metroplex and Indianapolis Processing and Distribution Centers—Two of the main gaining facilities in Michigan and Indiana.

How We Do It: Expedited Postal Logistics Group

One way we help our customers reduce their postage costs and speed up delivery is by drop shipping. Drop shipping entails physically trucking the mail across the country to its nearest Network Distribution Center (NDC) or Sectional Center Facility (SCF). This allows the mail to bypass many of the postal processing facilities, thus reducing in-home delivery timing.

Expedited Postal Logistics Group, an On-Demand Mail Services sister company, provides our drop shipping transportation services to all USPS NDC locations and most USPS SCF locations in the United States. EPLG’s Canadian authority also helps ODMS with the direct injection of mail into various Canadian Post entry points. EPLG’s coordinated services and nationwide matrix of transportation partners allow their fleet to transport ODMS’s large and small volume mailings to even the most remote USPS SCF facilities.

For more information on Expedited Postal Logistics Group, call 888.954.HAUL or email info@ExpeditedPostal.com

Employee Profile: Pete Jackson

Pete Jackson, International Account Manager, joined ODMS in April of 2012. He specializes in devising cost effective solutions for clients’ Canadian and International mailing and shipping needs. He is responsible for new account development, maintaining relationships with current customers, and consulting clients regarding issues such as postage rates, mail piece classifications, mail piece design standards and qualifications. Pete brings 20 years of experience in the International Mail sector. He resides in Canton with his wife – Sarah, and son – Brayden. Pete is a fan of craft beers (especially Michigan breweries), enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and rooting on his favorite Detroit sports teams. If you would like to contact Pete, you may do so by calling (888) 954-6245 or emailing him directly at petejackson@odmailservices.com


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