Our P3 Guarantee

ODMS guarantees postage regardless of volume being sent out! We also will reduce your net postage / mailing costs by at least a Penny Per Piece or we’ll send you a check for $500*.

*ODMS provides a discount on virtually every mailing. However, to claim the $500 P3 guarantee, your mail must be standard class, letter-sized, and originate in Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania or New Jersey with a national delivery. Quantity must be between 5,000 – 150,000. Carrier Route mail is included only if the non-entry rate is claimed. You must make your USPS approved postage statement available for examination and ODMS reserves the right to match your current net postage/mailing costs less $.01 per piece. Net postage/mailing costs include a factor for internal sort labor and delivery costs to USPS facilities, which vary based on mail quantity.

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