“Are you wondering if we can help? We’ve worked with hundreds of clients on numerous projects and, in each case, we have saved them time and money. Read about our experiences and see if you have a similar challenge.”

  • Standard Mail / Large Volume
  • Standard Mail / Small Volume
  • First Class Mail, Letters and Flats
  • Non-Profit Mail
  • Mixed Weight Mail – All Classes
  • BPM, Package Services, USPS Priority Mail – CUBIC
Standard Mail / Large Volume

Standard mail is a specialty. A recent client had 4,000,000 pieces that needed to be delivered across the country.  We commingled the mail and made over 1,000 drop ship deliveries to USPS facilities nationwide.  We were able to sort most of the mail to a five digit zip code level and bypass the NDCs and deliver directly to the SCFs. The customer was able to save $89,142.49, even after shipping costs.

First Class Mail, Letters and Flats

Many schools, law and accounting firms, churches and financial institutions save a guaranteed $.026 per piece in postage over the traditional process of metering daily mail in-house. Add to that labor savings and the ability to eliminate meter lease/rental fees and even a mailer with 500 pieces a week can realize an annual savings of up to $3,500.

Non-profit Mail

Many non-profits either don’t take advantage of their non-profit status or leave it up to a printer to properly prepare their mailings, unaware of the discount opportunities. We reviewed the postage on a past job for a local school system. On a mailing of 85,000 pieces, ODMS identified a total postage savings of $6,290 if the mail had been correctly prepared as non-profit with DDU induction.

Mixed Weight Mail

Most mailers need to prepare separate postal statements for each variable weight contained within a mailing, not so for ODMS.  For example, if there are 100,000 letters with a variable number of inserts between 1 and 20, most mailers would need to presort the job as 20 different mailings. ODMS can process the entire mailing as one job, saving the mailer 95% of the preparation time and labor.

USPS Priority Mail – CUBIC

USPS introduced a groundbreaking new pricing approach in the shipping industry in early 2011 by taking the “If it fits, it ships” model into a commercial environment.  The Cubic rate is perfect for small (under .5 cubit ft) and relatively heavy (up to 20 LBS) parcels with an aggressive delivery expectation (1.95 days on average, nationally).  USPS will also provide free shipping cartons from a variety of pre-determined sizes for the mailer to use to incentivize the use of the cubic rate.  USPS Priority Mail Cubic compares favorably to UPS, even for shippers with VERY AGGRESSIVE discounts because there are no surcharges of any kind.