Severe Storms in Northeast

 Status: Resolved Published: May 17, 2018 / Updated: May 31, 2018 Powerful storms roared through the Northeast on Tuesday, leaving thousands of homes and businesses without power. The storms downed trees and power lines across the region and lightning strikes led to structure fires in New Jersey and Massachusetts. As of Wednesday night, nearly 300,000 customers were […]

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Volume II, Issue II Spring 2013

Parcel Select Case Study Background A leading fulfillment and direct marketing company needed help controlling shipping and labor costs on a monthly hand-raiser fulfillment, but also needed package tracking and delivery within a 5-8 day window. Challenges UPS provided quick delivery and tracking capabilities, but the costs were too high. Discount package carriers, like UPSMI, […]

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Volume II, Issue I Winter 2013

Check Your Bill: Less Than Obvious Shipping Charges All too often shippers, especially in the business world, are oblivious to the various fees implemented by package delivery companies. The result? An undesired boost in shipping expenses. This article will touch on a variety of fees that popular shipping companies do not make apparent to their […]

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Volume 1, Issue V Fall 2012

Alert: Top Mailing Mistakes Whether you are a mailing novice or veteran, the numerous mailing classifications, pricing options, and preparation requirements frequently contribute to the production of erroneous mailings. In order to better serve and educate our customers, our certified Mailpiece Design Professionals (MDP) here at ODMS have compiled a list of the most common […]

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