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On-Demand Mail Services is a postal optimizer. The value we provide is pretty straightforward – cost savings and quicker in-home delivery by trusted experts in the business.
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On-Demand Mail Services works closely with our customers to determine the right level of service and pricing category to fit all of their mailing needs. Whether that is a Priority, First Class or Standard flat, letter or parcel, we can find the solution for you at decreased costs and delivery time. ODMS handles domestic and international mail of all classes and services levels. That means no need for multiple service partners.

We do this by using two complementary strategies: Mail Commingling and Drop Shipping. Mail Commingling is an automated process where individual mail streams are combined and sorted by ZIP Code to achieve a postage discount. Drop Shipping is the process of trucking mail across the country to the Post Office nearest to the mail’s destination.

We have over 50 years of experience to call on and process over 300 million pieces of mail a year. This helps us to negotiate the most aggressive rates, worldwide. That's why we say.... If you can mail it, we can help

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We’ve worked with hundreds of clients on numerous projects and, in each case, we have saved them time and money and improved in-home delivery time, even when they thought we couldn't.

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